What lenses work with the  Canon T6i?

Lenses for Canon T6i

How do you choose the best lens for your Canon Rebel T6i? What lenses work with the T6i DSLR camera? These questions are some of the top FAQs we often come across from people who want to choose a lens for their T6. 

But choosing the right lens should be a tug of war. 

At least, not when you know what’s available for you and what you need for your photography sessions. In this brief guide, we’ll quickly touch on some of the best Canon T6i compatible lenses so you know how to equip your camera with a good one. 

Lens availability for Rebel T6i

The Canon EF/EF-S lens mount on the Canon T6i has the most diverse offerings of any DSLR camera ever made. This lens mount is compatible with 326 native lenses. Thanks to this, Canon cameras have been able to maintain their reputation as one of the most preferred camera brands the world over. 

Rebel T6i sample image

How about image stabilization?

Although the T6i camera body does not have a built-in or sensor-based image stabilization feature, there are lenses in the market to help cover for this lack. As much as 112 of the 326 native lenses available for the T6i have an optical image stabilization feature. This helps stabilize your shots so you can capture super-sharp images. 

What are the best lenses for Canon T6i?

How do you choose the right lenses when you have hundreds of options? Well, this will always depend on what you need to carry out your photographic duties.

canon t6i lenses

There are a lot of helpful reviews out there already that can help make it easy for anyone looking to choose the best lens for Canon T6i. Once you know what type of lens will fit your needs, it will always be much easier to choose from among the very best.