Differentiating between Point-and-shoot Cameras and DSLR Cameras

The point-and-shoot camera which can easily be referred to as P&S can be said to be a compact camera because it was made to carry out simple operations. Simply point the camera at an object and press the shutter. While the DSLR Camera is known as a digital single-lens reflex camera using a digital imaging sensor. Key distinctions between the point-and-shoot camera vs DSLRs camera are;

1. The image quality of Point-and-shoot Vs DSLR Cameras

point and shoot vs DSLR cameras

DSLRs have a better image quality than the point-and-shoot camera. The P&S camera captures to some extent, great images.

2. Responsiveness and Performance of Point-and-shoot Vs DSLR cameras

Point-and-shoot cameras aren’t designed to be fast and responsive. Most times, these images are taken a couple of seconds after the shutter was held. This increases the possibility of missing significant moments. It’s especially used for candid shots. DSLRs would start and work instantly. Cover lags are just one-tenth of a moment or better.
There’s no comparison of continuous shot capability between DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras.

3. The changeable-lens capability of the DSLR cameras

The point-and-shoot camera has just one built-in lens, therefore, limiting its capacity to explode at varying focal-length. Though some point-and-shoot cameras can reach 10-times zoom, the disadvantages of the image quality & production cannot be overemphasized whereas, Large lens choices are available to DSLRs of every major camera-brands.

4. The simple function of the Point-and-shoot Vs DSLR cameras

That is the advantage that point-and-shoot cameras might have over the DSLR cameras. Complex menu setting and control system of the DSLR could easily scare off camera novices.

5. Cost and weight of the Point-and-shoot Vs DSLR cameras

Point and shoot Vs DSLR cameras

One always has to pay more for a better product. This is also the case with cameras. DSLRs remain generally better built with more components and software which automatically, results in a heavier camera than the Point-and-shoot.